Rogbid is a premium smartwatch brand, adhering to "wear me embarce the world" concept. Since founded in 2016, we strive to provide a perfect product experience to consumers and dealers.

By combined with compelling design, superior quality and best value, Rogbid has business in more than 40 countries worldwide, and achieved multiple industry records such as the Brave, the world-first IP68 certificated smartwatch.

Now we, operating a dozen firms, have been a top smartwatch manufacture.

We undertake the design business, production tooling and manufacturing business, and have dozens of patents in software, hardware development, ID and structural design in the smartwatch field.


Innovation is the keyword of Rogbid, We make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside.

We aim to be the favorite brand for users who loves life, and incorporate user feedback into our product range,which currently includes Flagship series, Outdoor series, and Rowatch series.


Flagship series features professional IP68 waterproof and 4G LTE.

Rowatch 1&2

Rowatch series has a high screen-to-body ratio, square appearance.


Outdoor series pays homage to mechanical watch, features circular dial and fashion outfits, and supports motion monitoring, custom dial, etc.


2016.03 Founded

2016.09 Global Entry

2017.04 Outdoor Series Frost Launch

2018.02 Rogbid-TomTop Partnership

2018.04 Rowatch Series Launch

2018.10 Rogbid-Banggood Partnership

2019.05 Outdoor Series Prime&Grace Launch

2019.06 Rowatch Series Rowatch2 Launch

2020.04 Outdoor Series GT Launch

2020.05 Brave Flagship Series Launch

Now is the new start for us…